The Blog: We did it our way

the blog we did it our way

There are a ton of travel blogs out there.  Some document everything from A to Z.  We love those blogs, they helped us find some great spots, and gave us some invaluable information.  Others are more like diaries both for the travellers and their friends and family.  We love those too.  They give us great insight on how traveling can change you.

But we’re neither here nor there.  Or actually, we’re a bit of both.  So here and there.  Because with everything we do in life, we do it our way – From the day we met, to our wedding to living our lives in travel or at home.  And this blog is no different.  That’s what we want to document here.  Travelling and living according to your own set of rules.

Someone must have made a cheeky comment!

Yes, we will go to some typical, touristy places, because let’s be honest, there are some beautiful and popular places out there.  But we also like to go off the beaten path to unknown places, help out companies that are looking to make a difference in the world and in their communities.

We think that the best way to travel is to dig deeper, to learn about people’s culture, habits and customs, to eat their food, and try to get a glimpse of their reality.  Because travelling is more than just about seeing the famous sites, it’s about building a connection with the people.

C+D-0370 (1)
Doing it our way often leads to laughs all around

In our everyday life, we also try to live it in a meaningful way – reducing our carbon footprint, helping others, eating as healthy as we can and staying active.  Because we’d like to be able to keep traveling for as long as we can, on a planet that still has some pristine and untouched areas.

We’ve learned that we are all connected and we are all one humanity, that loves, that bleeds and lives the best life they can.  This blog is to show that, so we can all do it our way.

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the blog we did it our way

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