Top 10 churches to visit in Armenia

There are a ton of things to do in Armenia, but visiting the churches is probably a must. Here are the Top 10 churches to visit in Armenia, the first Christian nation in the world

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8 amazing day trips from Yerevan

Wediditourway Childrens railroad Yerevan Armenia

Armenia has a ton to offer.  From quaint little villages, to hikes, local markets and festivals, and so much more.  Here are the best day trips to do from Yerevan, Armenia’s capital.

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The best Greek islands to visit as a couple

Wediditourway Naxos Greece

Greece is a beautiful and romantic place to visit as a couple, but with so many islands, it’s hard to pick. These 3 islands stole our hearts and were the perfect 2-week couple’s getaway.

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Step back in time at the Acropolis in Athens

wediditourway acropolis parthenon

Walking through the streets of Athens and heading up towards the ancient Acropolis, it’s hard not to imagine how this fortress on the mountain was, once upon a time. Words can barely do the beauty of Athens justice, so take a look for yourselves!

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Sail away with Xanemo in Naxos, Greece

wediditourway xanemo sailing boat Naxoes Greece2

No trip to the Greek islands would be complete without a sailing tour.  Who doesn’t dream of being sailed away on the Aegean Sea?  This is the dream-come-true day we had with Xanemo Sailing in Naxos.

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