xanemo-sailing-logo“We partnered with Carine and Derek because we were looking for a way to reach new prospects traveling to Greece.  What is better than a travel blogger couple to achieve that.  The results were outstanding, beyond our expectations!

This couple is really easy to communicate with and know what they are doing.  We also very much enjoyed sailing with them as we had great discussions together, and lots of fun!

We cannot recommend Carine and Derek enough. Would love to cross their path again! Keep making us dream through your work, and thank you again for the time spent together.”

Jerome Bajou – owner of Xanemo Sailing

Eco Desert Morocco

“Carine and Derek partnered with us for a 17-day tour and we highly recommend you work with them too. We were all very pleased with the professional quality of their work. They were able to capture the beauty of our country through amazing pictures and video stories.

Our guides were so happy to spend time with them. They started the tour out as clients and ended up as friends, and even family.

This couple is easy-going, fun and have a sense of humor. All elements that attract many followers to their blog and Instagram. This is why I trusted them with promoting our company. I was very proud and satisfied with the way they wrote and spoke about the many things they visited with us and how they promoted our travel agency.
I highly recommend partnering with Carine and Derek. I can’t find any words more than “thank you for the hard work, guys”.

Atman Taghlaoui – CEO founder of Eco Desert Morocco

Bai hotel, Cebu

“Carine and Derek were wonderful to work with. This fun-loving couple brings with them a positive atmosphere that is both adventurous and professional. They were very easy to work with and delivered impressive results and reports quickly. This way, we were able to get honest feedback on our brand which helped us improve our services. Thank you Carine and Derek! Good luck on your next adventure!”

Jenny M. Syjueco – marketing & communications manager

Babel guesthouse, Cambodia

“It’s been wonderful working with you guys, you are such an inspiration! Your positive energy filled up our garden and bamboo restaurant when you were here! […] We absolutely LOVE having guests here with the same values as us! We LOVE your Instagram with all those beautiful pictures!”

Katrine Solhaug – owner of the Babel Guesthouse

Gita's House, Thailand

“In April 2018, we welcomed a travel blogger couple, Carine and Derek. We have exchanged our great energy and marketing ideas as Carine is a master and rich in marketing skills. We are so happy and grateful that we can have a connection with them which is one of our exciting and lovely experience. They dedicated themselves to help us with the wonderful video, the blog and Instagram stories. Believe me, you will miss one of the great scenario in your life if you miss to see them in your place!”

Kay Wararuk Sunonethong, Owner of Gita’s House

1000 Miles hotel, Kuala Lumpur

“Working with Carine and Derek was great! They put together a brand strategy to help grow our business offline and through social media. We highly recommend working with them. They were very responsive and understanding of our needs. They provided insights that we will be able to use in the long-term to offer future guests a unique experience.”

Amanda Lee, Marketing manager of 1000 Miles hotel Kuala Lumpur